We’ve Got Tinkering on the Brain!


Have you ever heard of tinkering? Chances are you have probably tinkered more than a few times in your life and just called it something else. There are many ways to define tinkering. One of our favorites comes from a recent CCM visitor,

Tinkering is playing around and eventually making something amazing!
                                                                   – Peyton B

Next month, February 5 to be exact, Chicago Children’s Museum is opening a brand new exhibit called Tinkering Lab. The exhibit embraces open-ended exploration of various materials using real tools and offers kids the freedom and flexibility to ask their own questions, play around with their own ideas, fail, and learn from their mistakes. We couldn’t be more excited!

To learn more about tinkering and national “Maker Movement” check out these links below:
Tinkering School
The Maker Movement
Maker Faire


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