What a Thursday at CCM is like

Check out this awesome post that Caitlin from Fourth St Payphone wrote about her family’s trip to Chicago Children’s Museum on a Kraft Free Family Night!

A little jump back now to the last of our vacation pictures. I thought we had taken more pictures but the only ones left were from the Children’s Museum in Chicago. My sister realized that Thursdays night from 5-8 are free.

Fourth St Payphone Pic

We met up with her after work in the food court for dinner and then headed to the Museum. It was pretty packed but I was expecting that. There was one room that Elinor could have stayed in forever. Pritzker Playspace was perfect for her age. There was a sensory table, a light table, a soft area with baby dolls..it made me realize I need to introduce some of those things to our playtime. I also wish we left our coats in the car or knew about the coat room. It was hard to play and be on the go holding winter coats. We all had a great time.

Fourth St Payphone Pic 2

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Chicago Children’s Museum is FREE every Thursday night from 5-8 pm for all visitors!


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