All Families Matter

Brett Taylor, Special Projects Coordinator at Chicago Children’s Museum, introduces All Families Matter, an inititative at CCM that is committed to welcoming and including visitors who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


A few years ago, a cross-departmental team of staff created the All Families Matter initiative to welcome and include the LGBT community in all aspects of the museum’s work including community engagement, visibility, and education. We believe our visitors, staff, and community are enriched by diverse and accepting practices.

All Families Matter provides a unique opportunity to welcome and engage families who often feel unwelcome in public spaces based on a stereotypical view of what makes a family. The LGBT community is often unrecognized or excluded (intentionally or unintentionally) from cultural institutions and important resources.This results in generations of children growing up without the support they need to navigate childhood and beyond.

It is the right of every family to play and learn without fear, discomfort, or shame and it is imperative the LGBT community be represented, understood, accepted, and served in the same manner as all other visitors.

CCM places great value on its ability to engage and maintain a diverse and cultural audience as well as providing critical support for communities that could be considered underserved for a variety of different reasons.For many years, CCM staff members had been having informal conversations about how the museum could better support and engage members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.  In December 2009, an exploratory group of staff members formed to conduct research, engage in discussion, and form a series of recommendations for better engaging and welcoming the LGBT community and a few months later the official All Families Matter (AFM) team was formed.

CCM is proud to be a host site for International Family Day, May 5, 2013, an event sponsored by the Family Equality Council.


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