Ready, Pet, Go! Opens TODAY!

We are so excited to introuduce our newest exhibit, Ready, Pet, Go!

Ready, Pet, Go! offers children the opportunity to act like pets; climb in, out and around supersized pet structures; dress up in fur, floppy ears and other pet-inspired costumes; read and tell stories about pets and their own pet experiences; and much more.

Ready, Pet, Go!

Moms, dads and caregivers will learn the benefits of pets and pet play, and will be able to access resources for choosing appropriate family pets.


“Simply stated, children love pets,” said Jennifer Farrington, president and CEO of Chicago Children’s Museum. “We’ve seen this affection across time, geography and culture. With Ready, Pet, Go!, we’re taking that concept and creating a space that allows visitors to explore this inherent connection in a variety of fun and educational ways.”


Major exhibit elements include:

  • Kiddy Condo – Act like your favorite pet or play with a furry friend on this giant carpeted climbing structure, made specifically for kids!
  • The Coop – Climb up the ramp, hide in the nooks, or just poke around our urban-inspired chicken coop.
  • Add-A-Tag – Make a tag with your (real or pretend) pet’s name and add it to our collection.
  • Sherbert–Meet CCM’s fantasy pet, named by the museum’s Facebook community. Whisper secrets into Sherbert’s ears, brush its tail, catch a ride on its back, and make Sherbert part of your storytelling adventure!


“Pets help children build empathy and self-esteem,” said Farrington. “They inspire physical play, movement and family togetherness. Children also love to act like animals. The familiar soundsand movements are a fast track to deep play and storytelling. When children make believe, they focus their thoughts, emotions, and actions—and consider the perspectives and feeling of others. We believe parents are really going to appreciate the many developmental aspects of this exhibit.”

Come check out Ready, Pet, Go! Now Open!


Let us know what you think!

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