What Makes A Family?

Katie Slivovsky, Exhibit Development Director at Chicago Children’s Museum, introduces our newest installation.

The next BIG thing at CCM is a 21 foot long chalkboard where hundreds of visiting CCM families can answer the question, “What makes a family?” 

AFM Wall

So, gather round the people you call family, grab some chalk and fill in the blanks:
“My family is _____.” 
“_____ makes a family.” 

Of course love and good times bond families together but so do humor and patience. Being part of a family takes hard work, love and dedication, and we want to provide a forum for families to reflect on the journey and express themselves – and enjoy other family’s comments too. 

Look for the accompanying rainbow heart.

The “What makes a family?” community chalkboard is part of our All Families Matter initiative which supports the museum’s commitment to diversity by actively welcoming the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We love all families at Chicago Children’s Museum and hope to see yours here soon.

You can’t miss this huge chalkboard in the Great Hall throughout the month of June. Come share what makes your family special.



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