Our Staff’s Summer Picks for Play!

CCM Staff

We asked Chicago Children’s Museum’s staff:

What was your favorite thing to do in the summer as a kid?

Shoot marbles, jump double dutch, ride bikes and play basketball.
– Toni, Manager of Guest Services

We had a treehouse in my backyard that my brothers and the boys in our neighborhood built, and I would climb inside and eat corn flakes with my dolls.
– Diane, Community Programs Manager

We didn’t have to cross any busy streets to get to our local pool, so we would walk over in our suits, carrying our towels. We wouldn’t even wear flip-flops, just bare feet on the hot black top.
– Ellen, Senior Graphic Designer

I was really into being a fireman. I had a whole outfit that I would wear, and my grandma would bring me to various fire houses during the week and ask if I could climb on the truck. They would always say yes!
– Jon, Art Director

My brothers and I would organize big bike races. We lived in a neighborhood with about 20 kids and we would all race around the block as fast as we could.
– Peter, VP of Exhibits and Building Operations

My cousins and I would play in our backyard: double dutch, off-the-wall and ride our bikes in a circle around a tree that was in the middle of the yard.
– June, Membership Operations

I would play in the big boxes my dad brought home from his factory. I would also build popsicle stick rafts and float them in puddles.
– Val, Graphic Designer


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