Q and A with Threadless Winner, Aaron Jay!

Our Threadless design challenge winner, Aaron Jay, was at Chicago Children’s Museum  hosting a workshop: Wearable Illustrations! Visitors worked with Aaron to draw their own wearable patch. We asked Aaron about his experience at CCM and in Chicago.

Aaron Jay 1

What did it mean for you to win the Threadless & Chicago Children’s Museum “Real Play” design challenge?
As soon as I saw the challenge posted I felt like this was something I needed to win. The brief for the competition fit really well with my style so it seemed obvious to give it my best shot. It meant a great deal to win as I had put in a lot of effort to make sure I had a decent chance against strong competition from other artists.

How did you enjoy your visit at Chicago Children’s Museum?
Initially I was quite nervous however the staff were extremely friendly and helpful so I felt at home almost immediately. The children I worked with were really enthusiastic and the one on one interactions were by far my favorite part of the whole experience.

What was leading the workshop like?
Leading the workshops was really rewarding, I found the imagination and creativity of the children was really inspiring. The children seemed really interested in the drawing with the tablet as well as watching me sketch, I often realized after the workshop that the kids had taken my sketches home with them which was heartwarming.

Aaron Jay 2

Did you have any favorite moments or interactions with the kids?  Any surprises?
My favorite moment was drawing completely random things with kids after they had finished the activity, we would be laughing and sketching and I would often forget that I was there to lead the workshop as I was busy having fun. Another favorite was receiving a hand drawn thank you note from one of the children.

What was your impression of Chicago?
I have actually been to Chicago previously however this time I managed to take in a lot of the sights and eat pretty much all the food available around the city, so I would say this experience was far more interesting and exciting and maybe a little bit fattening.

http://www.threadless.com/product/5018/Dream_Big/tab,guys/style,shirtYou can purchase the t-shirt Aaron designed for CCM here.


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