Teachers’ Choice: Candice Bor

Homeschooler and city Mom


Candice is a bona fide Chicagoan and city mom who lives in Streeterville with her husband and five-year-old son, Tyson. Always outfitted in fashion forward eyewear and positive energy, Candice thinks of Chicago Children’s Museum as an extension of her home classroom, “a fantastic place for play-based learning and exploring at its best.” 

How long have you and Tyson been members of the museum? 

Tyson may have been one year old. We would come periodically to Pritzker Playspace.  It gave me a chance to drop in and connect with people on a more personal level, instead of a scheduled class.  The museum was really great for us right from the start.  As he gets older, his interests are expanding to include any hands-on activity that allows him to be creative.  From Skyline to the art projects in the studio, Tyson can flow freely through the museum and truly be in his element.

Other than the museum, what other activities do you enjoy together?

If we’re not here at the museum, I have a group of mom friends who get together and create activities for our kids.  We are always looking for stuff to do in the city that has an educational bent, but still hands-on. We also do a little traveling and make use of the freedom homeschooling provides us.

Our goal is to be a child’s first museum.  Do you think Tyson is getting that experience?   

For sure.  That is why we come here. I feel very connected.  I grew up in Hyde Park and remember coming downtown all the time.  I loved the children’s museum as a kid.  We did not have a membership when I was a kid, but we would come regularly on the free days.  


So, you’re definitely a city person.

Yes, Chicago is an amazing place for us to raise our son.  My son is mixed, his father is Asian and I’m African American.  He doesn’t feel any difference; he doesn’t question anything because everybody doesn’t all look the same.  Everybody is just out here living and comfortable in their own skin and he feels like that’s how it should be, which is awesome.



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