The Artist’s Day of Play

For Artists, the world is a canvas, and painting it the best way to play. Art is a powerful learning tool for kids. Not only does it let children express themselves, it also gives them a way to reflect on their views of the world and teaches them to empathize with others.

Chicago Children’s Museum takes art very seriously. In fact, the museum began over 30 years ago as a response to deep cuts in art programming at the Chicago Public Schools. Here’s how your Artists can have a blast with us:


10 am – 11 am

Forts lets Artists tap into their inner sculptor by shaping and building the forts of their dreams. Artists can also have fun with light and shadow as they play in our cozy, lamp-lit space.


11 am – 12 pm

Skyline may look like an engineer’s world at first glance, but Artists can show off their creativity here as they build structures of all shapes and sizes with our tools, wooden struts and authentic gear.


art studio

1 pm – 3 pm 
Art Studio & the Great Hall

Art can be found everywhere at Chicago Children’s Museum—from constellation-making in the Great Hall to the Art Studio. Check out today’s special programming schedule to find the perfect project for your Artist.