The Athlete’s Day of Play

You can spot the Athlete from a mile away—they’re always running, jumping, lifting, and climbing. Chicago Children’s Museum is a space where athletes can not only release all that energy, but learn a thing or two while they do.

Here’s a plan to keep your Athlete busy both physically and mentally:


10 am – 11 am

Start the day in Forts, which may look like a purely cozy exhibit at first glance, but rest assured: There’s space here for Athletes to test their dexterity by balancing, stretching and stacking to build the fort of their dreams.


11 am – 12 pm
Climbing Schooner 

Head to the Kovler Family Climbing Schooner: the perfect spot for an Athlete to show off their skills. Children ages five and up can scale three stories of ship-shape rigging from the cargo hold to the crow’s nest, and our staff is on deck to encourage them the whole way.



1 pm – 3 pm 
Third Floor

Athletes can burn off energy on the third floor of the museum, where they can zip from building skyscrapers in Skyline to splashing around in WaterWays to digging for dinosaur bones in Dinosaur Exhibition. Exploring every exhibit can tucker out even the most active child.