The Mini Grown-up’s Day of Play

Mini Grown-ups want to do what grown ups do—they watch, learn and imitate what they see. This kind of imitative play is beneficial for children—particularly little ones under the age of two or three—because it helps them acknowledge and recognize others.

Chicago Children’s Museum is a perfect spot for Mini Grown-ups to strut their grown up style—while still playing like a kid.


10 am – 11 am

Forts has all the components of a real living room—the chairs, tables, and lamps—but with a twist: knobs on every surface and loops attached to every blanket. Mini Grown-ups will feel right at home in this sophisticated set up—designed to make kids let loose like only they can.

play it safe

11 am – 12 pm
Play It Safe 

Head to Play It Safe where Mini Grown-ups can don authentic, kid-sized firefighter boots and jackets, keep things under control at the command center, and “drive” the firetruck to the nearest emergency.


tinkering lab

1 pm – 3 pm 
Kids Town & Tinkering Lab 

Kids Town is the perfect place for the youngest Mini Grown-ups to try out adult activities like grocery shopping, riding the bus, or heading to the car wash. Then close out the day exploring Tinkering Lab, where Mini Grown-ups can play carpenter or engineer with real tools like hammers and drills. Even the smallest Mini Grown-up can experiment in the Early Learning Nook.