The Social Butterfly’s Day of Play

Social Butterflies have the most fun when they share playful experiences with other kids. This kind of social play helps children learn about sharing, cooperating, taking turns, and expressing their feelings in safe, healthy ways.

Here’s how your Social Butterfly can have a blast at Chicago Children’s Museum—and how a shy child can find their inner extrovert.


10 am – 11 am

Start the day in Forts, where  Social Butterflies can design and build their own forts, then play host to anyone and everyone they invite inside.

play it safe

11 am – 12 pm
Play it Safe

In Play it Safe, Social Butterflies can command our fire station, work with their peers at headquarters, and drive the firetruck to fight “fires.”


kids town

1 pm – 3 pm 
Kids Town & the Great Hall

Young Social Butterflies will have a blast in Kids Town, where they can make new friends shopping in the grocery store or riding our CTA bus. Social Butterflies of all ages can congregate in our Great Hall, where we have a variety of programs every day, as well as communal games like catapults and giant dominoes.